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Ponte d’Ercole/Ponte del Diavolo

Nestled in an enchanting chestnut forest a twenty-minute drive from Polinago, this monolith bridge dating back thousands of years, has archaeological evidence dates from the proto-historical age to the Middle Ages. Objects such as ceramic fragments going back to the 6th century BC, include a bent spear tip from the 4th -3rd centuries BC. Thousands of coins from the Roman period of 2nd century BC to the 5th century AD have also been found and it is thought that they were votive offerings placed in the water at one end of the bridge. These are all to be found in the Gallerie Estense in Modena. Enjoy walking through the woods listening to the birdsong and seeing the beautiful views towards Polinago and into the mountains towards Mt Cimone. There is a seating area where you can have a picnic lunch and imagine how it must have been for worshippers coming here in past centuries.

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